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导读:1、朋友就是天空的星星,努力散发光芒,即使或明或灭,但却一直存在。 Friends are the stars in the sky. They try to shine, even if they are bright or dead, but they always exist. 2、一步一步来是做生意的诀...


Friends are the stars in the sky. They try to shine, even if they are bright or dead, but they always exist.


Step by step is the knack of doing business, but not the knack of making friends; there is no friendship in doing business, nor should there be business when making friends.


Friendship lasts forever. Long live friendship. Friends, with you, my life is so colorful!


I can't give you many touches, but I will always be with you.


True good friends, mutual loss will not turn their faces, money will not care about, regardless of status, success does not need to falter, failure will not leave.


A true friend is not how many people accompany you when you are brilliant, but who accompanies you when you are down.


Don't rely on gifts to get a friend. You must contribute your sincere love and learn how to win a person's heart in a proper way.


Friendship is like plum blossoms standing against the snow in the winter and winter, blooming and warming your heart.


Girlfriend is the darkest time, with you waiting for the dawn of the people.


With friends, the pain shared is half the pain, and the happiness shared is double the happiness.


Real friends are like hands and eyes. When they hurt their eyes, they cry, and when they shed tears, they wipe them.


Real brothers, even if they are in trouble, these days, both of them will reflect and finally make up. This is the brothers.


The sadness of friendship is that you regard a person as your best friend, but she does not regard you as her best friend as you do!


No one knows how much happiness or sadness you have in your story except yourself, because it's only your feeling after all.


Friendship is like glutinous rice. Together, we brew it into a jar of mellow agar.


Only when your enemies and friends work hand in hand can you hurt your heart. The enemy slanders you so much that your friends quickly pass it on to you.


The world is absurd and real. It's strange and strange. Fortunately, we have friends.


If our present relationship is maintained only by my own initiative, then I will not let it go. Whether friendship or love.


Friendship based on business is better than business based on friendship.


People who have good friends around don't know how much happiness they have than people who are singing all over the place.


If friendship can adjust people's feelings, another function of friendship is to enhance people's wisdom.


When you encounter difficulties in your work, your friends just can't help you very much. A pair of concerned eyes will also make you lose a lot of pressure.


Great danger has the beauty of showing friendship among strangers.


Maybe it's too old to make new friends; maybe it's too cold to keep in touch with old friends.


May all happiness accompany you, look up to spring, bow down to autumn; May all joy follow you, the moon is a poem, the moon is a picture!


Knowing each other depends on knowing each other. Knowing each other depends on knowing the heart. In the aspect of making friends, the ancients paid attention to the heart, so they met each other and friends.


Friends don't need to be in touch with each other every day. If he needs you, please take his career as his own business and do his best.


Friendship is freedom, if I become your burden, then it is not easy to be friends.


Friendship is like honey, we taste it together, sweet drop by drop into our hearts.


Be cautious in choosing friends! True selfishness will put on the mask of friendship, but set up traps to pit you.


Friends are the only ones who swear at you and wipe your tears.


Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.


Since we are all human beings, it is better to keep our friendship at a moderate level and not to interfere too deeply in each other's spiritual life.


Walking with you, recalling the common ideals we had, breaking up with you and looking forward to the revelry of our reunion.


In the best of times, it's good to meet the most obscene of you.


Whether you still believe in our friends'feelings or not, please remember that as long as you look back, I will be waiting for you there.


Several years of classmates, I have forged a deep friendship with you, I hope you and I will exchange hearts and minds forever.


You must have been touched to cherish someone; you must have been disappointed to give up someone.


There is a kind of vision not far away, but has been watching; there is a friend who is not disturbed, but has been accompanying.


As we grow older, we don't lose some friends, but we learn who our real friends are.


In life, two people don't necessarily have to have love to be together. Sometimes friendship can make the two people's feelings continue more far-reaching.


Knowing you will pit him, but still play with you, such a buddy will be satisfied with one!


No one can say clearly what friendship is.


True friendship requires a certain distance. Distance makes respect; respect makes friendship last forever.


No matter how many contacts there are, as long as there is a piece of sky in each other's heart, an occasional greeting will bring a heartfelt smile.


Don't think that if you don't see each other often, your feelings will fade away. Tell you, just because of our friendship, I dare to run wild in your life for a lifetime.


Selflessness, innocence, guesswork and friendship are priceless. You can't buy luxury.


How envious of the boy's friendship, big things, at most a fight, turn around and become good friends.


When it comes to fame, honor, happiness and wealth, they are all dust when compared with friendship of friends.


Suddenly found that although I have experienced a love, but I still do not understand love.


In the future, if life is difficult, we still depend on the friends of famous universities to take care of it.


When you are high, your friends know who you are. When you fall, you know who your friends are.


Real friends don't get angry when you hurt them. They just laugh back at your worse words.


Life without friends is like life without sunshine; if you want to have perfect friendship, you may never find friends.


The so-called Dead party is when you are most hungry, will give you only one doughnut.


Let go of our emotions, let go of our true feelings. May our hearts be as crystal and clear as lakes, and our friendship as long as mountains and springs! uuuuuuuuuu


Loyal friendship is needed in times of happiness, especially in times of adversity.


Sincere friendship will not be diluted by time. The promises of the past will not be changed by the long years.


Friendship and love are good companions for the lonely soul in the journey. Friendship is light as tea, love is strong as wine; good tea is fragrant and thirsty, and good wine is mellow and intoxicating.


A girl is someone who can turn your tears into laughter in an instant.

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